Relaxation Hypnosis – Going on Holiday



This is a lovely relaxation hypnosis session to allow yourself to enjoy time out just for you to relax and go on holiday for a short while.

This will help you feel relaxed and release any feelings of overwhelm, tension and stress and be a lovely experience.

It will be like you were actually standing there in that favourite holiday destination, maybe on that beach, in that ski resort, on top of that mountain, relaxing on that boat, or on that fabulous city break.

This relaxation and hypnosis is all through using the power of hypnosis suggestion and visualisation and all done from a place of comfort for you.



Please do not listen to this recording whilst driving. Copyright © 2022 Yvonne Parker Hypnotherapy Yvonne Parker Hypnotherapy or any persons associated with this company cannot be held responsible for any misuse of this hypnosis recording, no liability is accepted. As this is a digital download product there is a strict non refundable policy in place for the purchase of this item.


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